Solar & Wind Hybrid Street Light
Project Overview:

Two lighting systems are designed into one combined system, if some days there is sunlight but no wind energy, the solar panel charges the battery. Similarly if some days there is wind energy but no sunlight, the wind turbine can power the battery. If both wind & solar energy is enough, both can charge the battery. The wind turbine continues to work around the clock supplying energy for the system. 

This innovative hybrid wind and solar powered street lamp is just such a solution – not only does it use renewable energy to provide light, it’s a stylish update to an everyday object that is capable of operating completely off-grid. The hybrid streetlamps consist of a solar array topped with a wind turbine.



Technical Specifications:

      - Solar Panel: 2 X 45W

      - Wind Generator: 300W/24V

      - Battery: 80 AmpH

      - LED Lamp: 48W reaching 4000 lms